Dying to know more about Pink Friday -- today's statewide rally where teachers protest impending layoffs and budget cuts while sporting varying shades of light rogue -- we were delighted to find this message directing us to the official Pink Friday site. Yay.

Above is what you will find over at PinkFriday09.org. Sigh.

Not that we're in a place to throw stones at another site's technical glitches, but today is probably the ONE day you want your site to work, teachers.

Anyway, Sunday is the deadline for school districts in California to hand out the bad news to teachers and other educators. According to the Examiner, "the California Teachers Association said Tuesday that more than 20,000 pink slips have already been issued ahead of the deadline." SFUD has already sent out pink slips to 453 employees earlier this week.

Update: Site is back up.