Next Wednesday, March 4, vigils all over the country will take place the day before the California Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the validity of Prop 8, the same-sex marriage ban that passed in November. The love of couples and families across California, for lack of a better cliche, hang in the balance. And while many of you are too indie-rock to care about something as jejune marriage or faggotry, this ban, if allowed into the state constitution, splits open Pandora's Box to even more constitutional discrimination in the future.

The official site,, has a handy map of each vigil's location. And right here you can find a map of more locations info and Facebook invites.

On Thursday, the 5th, a big crowd is expected to gather outside courthouse in SF. remember, there will be only one day of arguments. Check out for more info on the SF rally.

Also, Marriage Equality USA is trying to get enough money to set up a jumbotron outside the courthouse, so that the crowds can watch the arguments. They're still a long way off, but if you're in a giving mood, go here to give a few bucks. Please.

It could rain on either of those days, so be sure to plan accordingly. If you simply can't make it to the rally on the day of the hearing or are stuck to work, check out the California Channel for more details.

As always, for further info on all things Prop 8, check out