Man, we are always late to things! We just discovered the awesomeness that is the outdoor Mission Pool on 19th and Linda Street like two or three weeks ago, and, just when we were getting settled into a routine, the budget cuts to SF Parks and Rec are requiring them to close until May 19.

We're totally bummed! The Mission Pool staff always kept the water warm, so even when it was cold and/or rainy out, the swimming was always nice. Plus, everyone who swims there was really nice about us being the absolute slowest and worst swimmer in the world, the facilities were always clean, and really, it is just to swim outside in the Mission at twilight.

We'll wait for the pool to reopen in May, but it's not going to be the same, it'll be a summer pool then and everyone will be there and it won't be our secret anymore (sigh). Pleeeeease, Supervisor Dufty, bring back Mission Pool for the spring!!

Picture of the Mission Pool Building by Mat Honan, off Flickr.

incredibly cool