While it might be too early to chat about this most holy offspring -- Jennifer is reportedly upset that the news leaked, which could mean she's not yet at the three-month mark yet, a window ripe for pregnancy complications -- it's big news this morning. People fucking love babies and pregnant celebrities.

To quench your baby news thirst, here's what the local media says.

- Sajid Farooq at KNTV says that "the mayor told a local television anchor that his wife is due in September" and that "Valleywag was the first to report the news saying that the mayor's friends had leaked the information."

- Erin Allday at SFGate says baby Gav could "reverse Newsom's long-standing playboy image." It's true. Practically everyone we know who has had a kid, threw away their bongs and mirrors the moment they brought the kid home.

- David Latterman (political analyst) tells The Examiner: "Babies make good politicians ... they have for 200 years."

- The Mommy Files wants to know if this means that "S.F. become baby friendly?"

So, yeah, that's all for now.