When the above-reproach Catherine Bigelow
laid out the accomplishments
of newly middle-aged "PR pro" Lori Puccinelli Stern, she left off our favorite: defender and fellow bee-savior of Holy Mother of San Francisco.

Let us send you back to March, 2007. Oh, yeah, you remember. And we'll bet you remember this
, right? We have it on better than good authority that this commenter was the birthday gal herself.

While it's in our nature to mock, and you know that's probably one of the reasons you're reading this right now, we're not going to -- with all the Strurm und Drang that we think the next 8-9 months will bring the Newsom clan, especially that they're going to be a family (Don't tell all those childless people you aren't a family until you breed! Oh, wait! We said weren't going to mock), friends that demonstrate that level of loyalty will be in short supply. So, happy birthday, Pooch!

Bonus: Bigelow's latest also features sun-kissed star of stage and screen Donna fucking Mills. That's right, the Abby Ewing. In a cheetah print. If that doesn't sell you on C-Big, then, well, you have no soul.