Everyone knows about local billionaire Don Fisher's plan to rule the world by putting a museum for his personal art collection in the Presidio. What we (and, probably you) didn't know is that the preferred site for the museum is none other than scruffy local fave Presidio Bowl. According to the alley's update page,

We are still trying to work with the Presidio Trust on lease extensions as well as finding a new home for bowling, but to date we have not been successful. The Presidio Trust has been unable to find a suitable location to build a new bowling center. Your comments are necessary to champion our cause.

We're not the biggest or the best of bowlers, but if Presidio goes, the only alley left in the city will be at Yerba Buena Gardens, where there are teenagers on Friday nights. Ugh. We shudder. Naturally, the only way to do anything is to leave a public comment, which will probably be ignored, given the City's current preference for Art (stand around! Look at stuff!) over fun (beer! Fried food!). But do it anyway. If we lose our last real bowling alley without a fight, what does that say about us?

Photo of the alley from Flickr user Thomashawk, used under a Creative Commons license.