Wow, what dicks. And not in a good way.

Nasty Now Valley millionaires Stephen Fowler and his wife, venture capitalist and "certified hypnotherapist / life coach" Renee Stephens, proved themselves just trashy enough to appear on ABC's Wife Swap a couple of weeks ago. Not only did they come off as jerks (and, no, they were not playing up to the cameras, meta TV sleuths -- if there's one thing that left-leaning nerds fail to grasp, it's the medium of television), but as complete morons as well.

Viewer response was so bad -- i.e., they'll be back on the show next season -- that Stephen Fowler, who is British, had to publicly apologize for his innate character as a human being AND resign from two environmental nonprofits on which he served.

Valleywag's Owen Thomas has the scoop.

The fallout: Internet message-board commenters went even crazier than usual, posting Fowler's home address, which in turn prompted him to threaten to sue the website where it had appeared. Someone launched On Friday, Fowler finally apologized publicly (on his wife's weight-loss blog) and resigned from the boards of two environmental nonprofits on which he served. And his wife apologized, too, stating that he needed "professional help." We want to know who's apologizing to the kids.

The Fowlers give the fine, upstanding, inclusive, nonjudgemental, eco-friendly dwellers of Noe Valley a bad name. To cringe at more charming Fowler behavior, go here.

Oh, and for future reference, this is how being a psycho prick is done within the woman-are-interchangeable-creatures reality show genre.