Society rag Nob Hill Gazette -- who, sadly, let the divine Catherine Bigelow slip through their fingers last year -- came out with its annual list of coke heads and homosexuals. And at least one of them, according to Valleywag, is a wife beater. "Arjun Gupta, a venture capitalist best known for being accused of beating his former wife. A restraining order filed in the case was due to expire next Sunday." (Not all at once, ladies!) Other notables are Anna Alioto (famous name, "environmentalist with a yen for travel," and randy lady); Jeremy Stoppelman, (surprisingly hot) co-founder & CEO of who enjoys dining, dog parks, nightlife & fresh air; Dan Herling, 6' 7" former college basketball player with a presumably humongous penis to tear apart your intestines; and Wilkes Bashford.