For those of you who live in neighborhoods like the Sunnyside, Glen Park, Bernal Heights, and other places many San Francisco residents don't know exist, beware. A new kind of parking ticket is being issued and people are not happy about it.

Sunnyside residents were seen sporting bewildered expressions this morning as they wandered up and down the street, looking at the $45 tickets that were issued to cars parked facing in the wrong direction.

Again, for those of you who are not familiar with neighborhoods south of Twin Peaks, there are very narrow two-way streets in the Sunnyside and surrounding areas, where for years, or forever really, people have just parked their cars in whatever direction they are facing. Three-point turns aka J-turns are nearly impossible on these narrow streets, so it doesn't really make sense to turn your car around so that you're facing the right way.

According to Parking Enforcement, this has always been a no-no. So what we're wondering is, why start enforcing it now?

Take our advice, and play it on the safe side. Who can afford a $45 parking ticket in this economy anyway?