A little over a week ago, Jan. 24, seven male suspects beat a UPS employee (who is black) in a park in the 3500 block of Morningside Drive in the city of Richmond. And it looks like the victim might have been baited. According to reports, the UPS driver walked to a nearby gas station after leaving work, wherein he met a group of men who offered him a ride home. After drinking a few round, they stopped at a park and the UPS worker used a restroom, "where he was struck in the back of the head by one of the suspects." The other men joined in the attack, yelling "racial epithets and fracturing the victim's face bones." Vile. All seven unidentified suspects are in custody. This comes on the heels of a Richmond lesbian who was brutally gang raped and beaten after a few Richmond pigs noticed the rainbow flag sticker on her car bumper.