* Pittsburgh vs. Arizona (in Tampa)
Sunday, February 1, 2009. 3:00 PM, PST.
Super Bowl XLIII
Battle Of The Steelers

If Arizona wins, our once hysterically hapless divisional foe (now built into an actual team by former Steeler coaches) get a championship for the first time since 1947. If PIT wins, they pull ahead of the 49ers and Cowboys for most total Super Bowl wins.

Who to root for in today's game, then? . It's a Morton's Fork. It's a Kobayashi Maru. It's no fun. What's a Niner fan to do?

Root for the Steelers. Here's why.

rooney_obama.jpg As reported by the New York Times, Dan Rooney, the über-respected owner of the Steelers is a lifelong Republican. He endorsed and campaigned-for Barack Obama for president.

Reason enough.

(Don't worry, McCain-supporting readers, you've got an NFL franchise to root for also -- the San Diego Chargers. Stockon-based owner Alex Spanos was one of George W. Bush's biggest contributors in 2004, and hosted events for McCain at his house in 2008. Now the Chargers are undergoing internal strife between their egomaniaical General Manager AJ Smith and their reasonably-humble star RB LaDainian Tomlinson. A pity.)

So, Niner fans; get on over to Shanghai Kelly's on Polk and pull up a stool (if you can get in today). It's alright to favor the Steelers. Let 'em have that sixth Super Bowl ring... the 49ers will get 'em back one day.