San Francisco's own silver fox, Dan Noyes, has word that the members of Yale a cappella group "The Baker's Dozen" -- you know, the ones who had the crap beat out of them two years ago at a San Francisco New Year's Eve party -- received a "significant" settlement and an apology this week.

And, really, The Baker's Dozen deserved serious compensation. Their attackers sound like raging failed abortions. Behold.

Yale's a cappella group, on a national tour, attended a New Year's Eve party in the Richmond District. The trouble began when they sang "The Star Spangled Banner" at midnight, and 19-year-old Rich Aicardi began making fun of them.

"Rich was behind me and he said, 'This is the gayest *&% he ever heard and what a bunch of fags,'" said Hunter Fairman, a witness.

The two sides argued and Rich Aicardi called in reinforcements.

"He said, 'I'm 20 deep, my boys are coming,'" said Reno Rapagnani, the homeowner.

Under the settlement's agreement, the amount will not be revealed. Noyes goes on the say that the "settlement provides closure for the family."