Former Bart officer Johannes Mehserle was back in court today in order to ask a judge for bail. If you recall, the 27-year-old disgraced cop pleaded not guilty to the murder of Oscar Grant. He is currently residing in the clink. Oscar Grant, as you all know by now, was shot and killed at the Fruitvale Station platform on New Year's Day as he was cuffed and pinned to the ground. Then, people rightfully freaked the fuck out, white college students feverishly fetishized the plight of black people, somebody erroneously claimed that "we are all Oscar Grant," and Cindy Sheehan presumably shed crocodile tears about horror of it all. But the good news about all of this, if any, is that Bart police have claimed that they will sharpen their sloppy police force. According to a Chronicle report, Bart botched the Grant investigation. Big time.