Oh, . While gay activists were busy angrily masturbating at each other, the people on the other side were busy accomplishing things. They're anticipating that Obama will overturn DOMA (which is like the national version of Prop 8), and they've already taken steps to stop him.

Check out domadefensefund.com -- we won't contribute to their pagerank by linking to it, but we all need to see what they're doing so that we can one-up them, and do it YESTERDAY. Look at how slick they are: it actually looks like they're presenting an urgent, reasonable case. Never mind that their claims are as silly and made-up as "Prop 8 will protect children" -- it doesn't matter whether they're telling the truth. All that matters is that people will believe them.

The facts on DOMA are these:
- Obama wants to repeal it. Hillary opposes it. Lots of Congrescritters want it gone. Even the guy who wrote it now opposes it.
- It won't go away by itself, and Obama can't wipe it away all by himself. Support for its repeal is still tepid among voters, since most folks aren't even aware of it. So if we don't make an efficient push for its repeal, it's here to stay.
- The Bad Guys are making the same claims as usual -- that repealing DOMA would force same-sex marriage on everyone. We know they're just making that up, but again -- it doesn't matter if you lie as long as people believe you.
- No serious organization is taking the lead on overturning DOMA. The first google hit on "overturn doma" is a daydreamy Join The Impact messageboard.

We're still just shaking our heads in wonderment at what they've managed to create while we're still busy looking at our navels: a single unified presence (instead of a patchwork of a hundred Facebooks and forums) on a modern-looking website (instead of an embarrassing dinosaur). To be sure, some of the decisions over the last few months demand analysis. But while we're busy figuring out which opportunities we missed, it looks like we're about to miss an even bigger one.

So, to sum up: we're doomed.

Disclosure: SFist_Matt is the creator of Stop8.org, a site that monitors the media for reporting on California marriage equality.