In a humiliating week for Bay Area police forces, Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker announced his resignation yesterday. His last day will be at the end of February. According to reports, "Tucker said the decision was his own and that he was not asked by Mayor Ron Dellums to step down." Which is to say, the decision was Ron Dellums's and that he did not step down on his via his own accord. Maybe. Cynicism and speculation aside, Tucker claims conflict with the Oakland City Council as the main reason for his resignation.

"Quite frankly I've lost faith in the City Council," Tucker said. "They've given lip service to public safety in the city."

SF feels your pain, Wayne.

The Tucker regime has been criticized for his handling of the "Chauncey Bailey murder investigation, the alleged fatal beating of a drug suspect by the head of the internal affairs division, as well as several other highly-publicized problems."

Tucker was tapped to be Chief in 2005 by former mayor Jerry Brown. Tucker had a 38-year career with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department before retiring in January 2005 as assistant sheriff.