A new twist on the stabbing death of Hugues De La Plaza: actualy crime fighting. It seems French police have humiliated SFPD after having ruling De La Plaza's death a homicide. If you recall, De La Plaza was found brutally stabbed to death in his Hayes Valley apartment. The mental giants over at the San Francisco Police Department ruled his death a suicide. (No, really.) Case closed.

However, SF Weekly reports:

A formal report recently produced by French investigators and coroners regarding the San Francisco stabbing death of Hugues de la Plaza concludes that the French national's demise was "100-percent homicide," according to his former girlfriend, [Melissa Nix].

It seems les gendarme one upped SFPD by going behind their backs to get info on the case and figuring out what everybody else knew: De La Plaza was murdered.

Nix said Francois de la Plaza, Hughes's father, will arrive in San Francisco on Feb. 15 to post a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his son's killer. What's more, he' plans on "confronting the mayor, D.A., and police chief." Nix also met with Ross Mirkarimi, the only politicians who has been will to help her out. Mirkarimi will request a copy of the French report during today's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Nix would like to give SFPD the info, but SFPD Chief Heather Fong and her underlings have yet to formally request to look at the report.