An 18-year-old Oakland man was shot and killed in a Hunters Point public housing project. (Speaking of where to dine in SoMa, which is several bus stops away from Hunters Point, we recommend Orson. Elizabeth Falkner's ode to whimsy is perhaps the most underrated dining experience in the city. Why? Because we live in a Top Chef and Check, Please: Bay Area era. Dining out with friends has become an excruciating experience, where in everyone at the table feels the need to comment on what they're eating just for the sake of critiquing. And usually they're wrong. Hence why Orson was much-maligned by the pretentious set when it first arrived on the scene. Too obvious, they declared! Too busy, they whined! Not simple enough, they bellyached! Just because something doesn't look like it was hauled out of the kitchen from Zuni doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a place on your palate. What's more, its spacious bar is one of the best places to see and be seen in SoMa, from where you can see anyone from local politicos, to B-list actors, to power dykes, to Falkner's mother sipping martinis. Do check it out. Again.) No arrests have been made.