We're lucky to welcome Christian Tetzlaff, the latest in a string of young-ish super-talented violinists to grace a SF stage. He'll be at Herbst theater tomorrow night, with SFist interviewee and ace pianist Leif-Ove Andsnes as part of SF Performances concert series, in a program of violin sonatas by Brahms, Schubert, Mozart and Janacek.

He was kind enough to take our phone call, in between performances in Madrid. And we were like: you are in Spain, you're playing Alban Berg's violin concerto on Sunday, and performing a radically different program here on Tuesday, that's pretty amazing. It's not an ideal situation, he said, with the cutest German accent, but sometime planning get a little out of hand...not often, he laughed sheepishly. Actually, we were aware that the virtuoso did plan his trips so as to minimize off time on the road, and maximize the time spent with his wife and three kids in Frankfurt. Exactly, it's part of the reason why it's happening like this, he nods.