Trouble has popped up in the Sunset district, with sexy results. It seems the Vicente Fitness and Health Care Center, at 1202 Vicente, which is a half a block from Dianne Feinstein Elementary School, is once again being investigated as a house of ill repute. According to reports, parents are freaking out because the spa/gym isn't what it claims to be. "I personally went in and tried to join but they said there is no fitness center there," said school parent Matt Mitguard, who did a little research of his own. Sunset resident Wei Liu also went the center and asked if the fitness center had a gym for jazzercize classes, or whatever. "The woman who worked there didn't understand what gym was," said Liu. ABC 7 has an entire rundown of the downlow whore house.While SFPD conducts an investigation, the Vicente Fitness and Health Care Center remains open, and we do mean open, for business.