Matt Smith has word that Mayor Gavin Newsom has begged for a piece of the federal stimulus package pie -- a $1 billion slice of it, in fact. What does the city of San Francisco need it for? It seems the Gav wants it for "downtown transit; upgrading the city's water system; airport upgrades; and building sidewalks and sewage ditches at the former Hunters Point naval facility -- slated to become a Lennar-built housing development." (Speaking of upgrading the city's water system, the Chronicle's lead story today happens to be about the need to upgrade the city's emergency water system. What a magical coincidence. Real smooth there, Chon. Tell us, do you swallow too?)

However, what irks Smith most is Newsom's continued lack of focus or follow-through when it comes to the "Calcutta-like" public housing projects. San Francisco's Housing Authority is "one of the most decrepit and run-down in America, with problems like open sewage, exposed wires, leaks, and others," he reports.

Also, Newsom has also asked for $8 million to help fund the Civic Center Sustainable District, a whimsical green project that will "create a sustainable urban district" complete with thyme, tomatoes, dream catchers, and compost boxes pouring forth from every Civic Center window. Or whatever.

To check out the wish list in its entirety, go here.

Image of Newsom and Siebel at the 76th Opening Night Gala of the San Francisco Ballet pulled from 7x7's sublime Bigelow Report.