An issue first brought up by the folks over at Mission Mission, the effort to stop American Apparel from opening shop on chic Valencia Street is awkwardly taking shape. SFist posted a highly scientific poll earlier in the week to see just how San Francisco residents felts about the oozy designer spilling his seed in the Mission district. The results are:

(246) 41.69% -- I couldn't care less. Bring back KFC!
(188) 31.86% -- i DON'T want it there. Hrumph!
(156) 26.44% -- I DO want it there. Cute separates!

The majority of you, 41%, couldn't care less about American Apparel / show a fondness for 11 secret herbs and spices. (An aside: did you know Monosodium glutamate and flour are two of the secret ingredients? Flour is neither spice nor herb! Bah.) Less than half of you would like to see it do business elsewhere. And 26% of you want to see it openn its doors on Valencia Street.

Of course, most of you do not live in the Mission. How do the majority of Missionites feel about writer Stephen Elliot's effort to keep the Valencia strip as-is? Who's to say; it's a big neighborhood populated with different kinds of people with varying viewpoints. But Stop American Apparel seems to have the definitive answer, saying, "the Mission is against American Apparel. If we took a vote of people that live and work within four blocks of the proposed store, 90% of the people would vote against it."