Will SFist and other blog content soon be available in print form at a newspaper box near you?

According to a story in yesterday's , a fella in Chicago is going to bring the blogosphere to newsprint, starting in the Windy City and right here in San Francisco. The project, The Printed Blog, hits the streets on Tuesday.

Blogosphereans that we are, we do occasionally glance at our soon-to-be neighbors on the sidewalk, the print media. And that's how, while munching a burrito the other day, we came across Matt Smith's SFWeekly column puncturing the optimism of those who argue that blogs may improve journalism. Smith characterizes one such optimist -- Michael Hirschorn of The Atlantic -- as either drunk, sex-addled, ignorant, or nuts.

We agree. Most bloggers we know -- and in fact most people, real journalists included -- have at least two of these characteristics at any given moment. Let's see if they shine as clearly in the print world.

Photo by Salim Virji. Some rights reserved.

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