Mission Mission, the one true voice of the Mission district as far as we're concerned, brings up the American Apparel brouhaha. If you recall, American Apparel is dropping a spore smack dab on chic Valencia Street. And the people of skid row are up in arms over it. Or so it seems. As Allan Hough asks, "Is the whole neighborhood up in arms?

And he brings up a great point. Is the entire hood angry about this, or is this "one dude claim[ing] to represent the community and some web writers took him at his word?" We're going to go with the latter, because getting angry over this one little store makes about as much sense as this site. We think the real working class ilk of the Mission, which goes above and beyond the kids waiting outside Boogaloos, can think for themselves on this one. That is, if they even care about it.

That said, take our poll to find out what the city really thinks of this smut peddler cum designer gracing Valencia Street with his reasonably-priced and well-made attire.