Remember the other day, we told you about a bunch of new TV ads about how gay families can actually be pleasant and likable? Well, you'll be glad to hear that the spots aired all over California during Tuesday's inauguration, which is great -- except in Los Angeles on ABC-TV. According to the folks who produced the ads, they were told they were "too controversial to air during the Inauguration, since 'many families will be watching.'"

Yes. That's true. Many families were watching. And seeing homosexuals on TV can give families AIDS, so really, it's obvious that ABC made the right decision.

By the way, is still accepting donations to keep their ads on the air, so if you want to subject even more families to those dangerously controversial, unfit-for-public-consumption homos, now's the time to take out your credit card.

(Via Pam's House Blend.)

Disclosure: SFist_Matt is the creator of, a site that monitors the media for reporting on California marriage equality.