We've heard is all the rage for those of you into relentless comedy (e.g., Arrested Development, Seinfeld, etc.), so this news might sadden you a bit. That is, if you don't already know. See, on Friday, Hulu pulled all but 5 episodes of the popular F/X show. Today, Hulu's chief executive apologized on his blog for the yanking the episodes without warning. Rights issues, it seems, are to be blamed. But "[a] new episode will be added and an old one removed each Monday," so, you know, at least there's that. But it's back to BitTorrent for fans who need their Philadelphia fix right-quick. Conversely, you could always try Alluc.org, but that site has the potential to blow your entire bedroom to smithereens, so proceed with caution.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia