The lawsuit professional back cracker Steven Biegel filed against Christopher Norberg, all over one measly, negative Yelp review, has been dropped. According to Norberg:

"A misunderstanding between both parties led us to act out of hand. I chose to ignore Dr. Biegel's initial request to discuss my posting. In hindsight, I should have remained open to his concerns. Both Dr. Biegel and I strongly believe in a person's right to express their opinions in a public forum. We both encourage the Internet community to act responsibly."

Norberg's lawyer, Michael Blacksburg, topped off this hurt feeling sundae by saying, "I hope this begins the public conversation on how to communicate using the resources of the Internet." A public discussion on how to communicate online? Genius.

Biegel filed a lawsuit against Norberg over a year ago after a negative review complaining about the San Francisco-based chiropractor's billing appeared on the popular and controversial review site.