FOOD: For a mere $20, you can enjoy a three-course meal at OPENrestaurant with Slow Food Nation, a "socially engineered informal dinner created by a collective of restaurant professionals" where participants enjoy a meal together while answering the question: How can the urban landscape be productive? This evening's menu "includes a stew made of white beans, greens and pork (there will also be a vegetarian stew), pork rillette, dessert (not yet determined) and a glass of wine." Mm.

7 p.m. // YBCA (301 Mission) // $20

ART: Drawing images based on found photographs, and then, a mere 24 hours later, creating a second version from memory, local artist Colter Jacobsen's stellar and technically jarring work appears tonight in the group show, "The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers."

7 p.m. // California College of the Arts/SF (1111 Eighth Street) // free