Chronicle film critic turned amateur psychologist Mick LaSalle has a lot to say about those filthy peons known as commenters. Mainly, that they suck. Hard. In his post "The Real You is the Anonymous You," LaSalle boasts that he never reads his stuff online, only in print. (In between leafing through a well-worn copy of Finnegans Wake, no doubt.) But by random chance, it seems, he ended up reading remarks on his year-end review piece, and was "struck by the belligerence and the willful stupidity of some of those comments." (Welcome to the club, angel. Can we get you a drink?) While he had initially dismissed comments as vessels for which people could play a character, LaSalle now reads them kernels of readers' true selves.

Then, in a stroke of unfiltered genius, LaSalle chides his faithful commenters. It is awe-inspiring.

Next time you're foaming at the mouth online, assuming you ever do (and the people who visit this site tend to be fairly civilized), consider the possibility that you're not acting, that this is who you'd be if you were unfettered and unconstrained, that this is who you'd like to be. And then take a long look at who you'd like to be. And then think about aiming . . . a little bit higher.

Oh this is just too delicious. What did you people do to him? couldn't have been that bad.

It goes without saying, but the comments to his massive butthurt are well worth your time.

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