Since, naturally, Jews control the media (oh, we kid.) and the Gav loves the media, Mayor Gavin Newsom sent out the following statement yesterday, condemning the defacing of the SF Holocaust Memorial.


The Holocaust Memorial is a powerful symbol of the six million victims of the Holocaust. It is a monument that pledges its existence to "the creation of a world in which such evil and such apathy will not be tolerated." [It will, and it has. -- SFist]

This act of hatred and intolerance reminds us of the need to honor that pledge. San Francisco is a city that embraces people of all faiths. We strongly condemn this despicable and cowardly act. [Despicable, yes; cowardly, not so much. We're too scared to perform any act of offense or brutality unless it's behind a computer screen, so this guy creeps us out. What this is NOT is an act of anarchy. Not paying taxes, spinning showtunes at a gay bar, or purging meals are forms of anarchy. We digress.]

I have been informed that the Department of Public Works and Arts Commission staff were able to successfully remove all evidence of the graffiti by midday today. [Any readers have a pic?] In addition, the Arts Commission is in discussions with Captain Corriea of the San Francisco Police Department about what further precautions may be taken over the next several days to prevent this from happening again.

That said, any New Year's Eve Gaza Israel Food Not Bombs Pinko Free Your Mother Goyim protests going on tonight? IndyBay's got nothing.