Holy living crap, we love this so much!!

This coming Sunday, the 49ers are having a throwback uniform day in the final game of the season as Washington comes to Candlestick.

Word is that the o-linemen got it in their heads to pay tribute to Niners of the past by breaking out throwback mustaches to go with the throwback unis. The glorious idea spread, and now much of the team will be attempting mustaches for the Week 17 matchup as sign of strength of silly solidarity.

The Redskins ain't gonna stand a chance.

If you're going to the game, be certain to wear a mustache of your own. Grow your own, get a fake one, bring a friend's -- whatever it takes.

Should you require appropriate clothing, the best Bay Area clothier for mustache-emblazoned shirts (and burrito reviews) would certainly be at burritoeater.com.

We'll have more photographic proof of former 49er facial foliage later on this week.