If so, an SFist source, who saw what happened and asked to remain anonymous, writes in to tell us:

Walking last night around 10:30 near Capp & 22nd I saw some guys kicking the shit out some cars, breaking the side view mirrors off and denting them and basically just attacking them. I followed them from a safe distance while they continued down Capp past 23rd kicking the shit out of every car along the block, sometimes pausing to really lay into them. I was on the phone to 911 the whole time so the cops caught them. They came pretty fast. This was probably unrelated to Greece. The culprits were two very hammered dudes who probably just stumbled out of the El Trebol bar on the corner, though I didn't seem them leave that bar.

They broke the side view mirrors off of 5 cars just on the blocks between 22nd and 24th. They dented and scratched about a dozen others. Some pretty badly.

Of course I got screamed at by anti-cop people because I called the cops. [Note: Your typical, privileged USC/Stanford/East Coast college grad cum failed novelist turned bad tech writer cum pseudo-liberal turned Mission resident will do this. Please use caution when you smell their self-righteous tofu farts nearby. -- SFist] I know a lot of my neighbors in the Mission want to give these guys their rights to do whatever they want. I know many who think we need to ban the cops. I know many others think it's the car owner's fault for having a car in the first place. But it just sucks to think about all the people who have to wake up today and pay big money to fix their old cars now so they can make it to work or home for the Holidays.

While we might turn our heads the other way at the occasional keying of an evil ex's car -- what?! -- we cannot condone this kind of behavior. Anybody else catch what went down last night in the Mission?