Oh, Gavin.

You know on some level we love Newsom. But we suspect deep down he doesn't like being in politics. So it always bums us out when he makes the call for donations. Take, for example, the email we received today ("We all know California must do better" reads the subject line) where team Newsom tells us that after "reaching out to policy experts and community leaders throughout California" to see what needs to get done for the entire state, he's been "personally touched and encouraged by the tremendous response" he's received.

What we do not understand about Gavin Newsom is why he keeps running for things when he clearly doesn't want the job -- he clearly hates being the mayor of provincial San Francisco, and he would clearly hate being the governor. It seems all he wants to do is go to parties and shout about gay marriage! (That is to say, holy moley, Newsom is just like us!) Instead, why not just become the head of the HRC? That's a role where he wouldn't have to do a thing but go to fancy parties, make sure his name is on a the best swag bag, and pretend to have a concerned look on his face.

That said, we'll do your bidding, Newsom: To make "the most generous donation you can afford" to Newsom's exploratory committee for governor, go here. We would donate -- because, whether you like it or not, we would loooove to see a San Franciscan in Sacramento. you know, for kicks -- but all of our income goes to barely living in SF.

Update: Newsom has collected $600,000 so far for exploratory purposes.

Image: Tom Andrews