Local Mission boutique BellJar, purveyor of "gorgeous little things," is the perfect place to shop for one-of-a-kind, last-minute holiday gifts. The shop, which opened last spring, is decked out with awe-inspiring vintage furniture and curios and features a lovely assortment of unique collectibles, housewares, and clothing. You might just find SFist there this weekend!

Demonstrating BellJar owner Sasha Wingate's slightly dark sensibility, BellJar is awarding this beautiful "Dia De Los Muertos" candle from DL & Co's Modern Alchemy line to one lucky SFist commenter who crafts the best haiku using the words "dead" and "Christmas." The winner will be notified by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Update: There were so many great haikus, it was hard to pick (except the 5-7-5 rule helped us eliminate a couple). But we thought didionesque's was a stand-out:

Hark! What is this dread?
Christmas fuels the living dead.
Green sleeves bleedeth red...

BellJar | 3187 16th St, San Francisco | (415) 626-1749 | [email protected]