Tomorrow, for those of you living under a rock or tending more important matters at hand, is Day Without a Gay. What is that? It's when those of you who prefer the sweet love of the same sex are supposed to call in sick, not buy anything, and go volunteer in your local community. This is in response to Prop 8 passing, the same-sex marriage ban that will, if not overturned, allow discrimination into the California constitution.

While it sounds like a nice college campus-inspired idea, we can't imagine the overall impact being felt on a grand or effective scale. And if tomorrow's lack of homosexuality is felt, it might go something like this: Picture it, if you will, an average Monday after a messy weekend. That, readers, is what tomorrow might be like. Harrowing, isn't it?

As SFist's Mat Baume already pointed out, we're just not sure what the goal is, or how anyone's going to track the outcome. (Also, why the no-purchasing policy? Way to cut us off at the knees, pinkos.)

So: Do you plan on taking Dec. 10 off?