Oh, Hank. When you deliver, you do it in spades.

Earlier this week, when Newsom held a press conference in Noe Valley to push the actually impressive Shop SF, an incentive plan begging city residents to shop in SF only, CBS 5 reporter Hank Plante asked Newsom why his most visible purchase all year -- his Chevy Tahoe Hybrid SUV -- was bought at a car dealership in Colma.

Newsom gave Plante this Sarah Palin-like retort, "I have no idea. I just candidly -- thanks for the gotcha question -- I don't have a clue."

While this purchase may seem trivial, Ellis-Brooks Chevrolet on Van Ness Avenue is now shutting down its new car business after 69 years due to the failing local economy. "I think it's wrong for any of our city officials to buy anything outside the city," Marie Brooks of Ellis Brooks Autos tells CBS 5.

And the best of this PR mess? Newsom wouldn't get back into his SUV while the CBS 5 camera was rolling. Instead, he just walked around Noe Valley, aimlessly. Aw.