During a post-Thanksgiving dinner game of Apples to Apples -- which could very well be the best board game invented, ever -- the hostess turned to me and said, "You know who I'm really into right now? Gasia Mikaelian."

"Us too!," we slurred back.

And how could we not love the KTVU journo? Not only is this East Bay native into opera and David Sedaris, but her name is most exquisite. Say it loudly, it's a call to arms; whisper it softly, it's prayer to the Baby Jesus.

But when it comes to our favorite, we can't figure out whose camera-ready face we like more. Mikaelian, Pam Moore, Dana King, and Wendy Tokuda need to have a some sort of four-way hair-pulling deathmatch in order for us to figure out who we adore more. (KRON 4's Chris Murphy eliminated himself when it was revealed he has a wife. Unacceptable.)

This brings up the question: Who is the best newsteam duo in the Bay Area? Sure, on-air talent are a frightening lot. (Ruthless drive and pancake makeup is a toxic combination.) But most of you prefer one local news broadcast over the other, and usually the duo at the desk has most to do with your choice.

What say you? We'll announce the victor sometime later this week.