It's always a thrill to ride the Bay Trail through Sausalito, where the streets are clogged with erratic retirees in Porsche convertibles and inattentive tourists in rented SUVs. In spite of fast-moving traffic in the two northbound lanes, this section of Bridgeway once provided a sort of respite for the nervous cyclist: here, we knew we were safe from being clobbered from the left by a parking-space-seeker or doored from right by a parking-space-finder.

Now we are faced with three choices as we pedal our way toward the Bay Model:

1. ride on the sidewalk (poor etiquette, may be illegal)
2. ride in the now-bumpy bike lane (bone-jarring, possible negative consequences to the organs of matrimonial necessity)
3. ride in the right lane of Bridgeway (there's a reason we have "Critical Mass" instead of "Critical Monad")

After the jump: the Bridgeway bike lane in happier times.