A reader, Ryan Hogan, sent SFist the above image, snapped this morning, after he witnessed a bike-auto accident. It seems a cyclist collided with a truck at Fulton and Fillmore. "Bikes pick up a lot of speed coming east on Fulton in the bike lane towards downtown, and it looks like a box truck was turning and the biker slammed into the truck, possibly even sliding underneath," Hogan explains and adds, "it looked like the biker was sitting on the ground, looking dazed, with six of seven people around him. They seemed to be waiting for authorities to show up."

This morning's accident comes on the heels of 10-Townsend bus colliding with a cyclist at Townsend and Fourth streets last week.

As always, be careful out there on the roads, folks.

Update: While we have yet to confirm this commenters medical records to his birth certificate and photo ID, the cyclist speaks! Under the duress of Vicodin's sweet release, he comments here at SFist that's doing just fine. Fantastic news.