Chron has a good story about how people in San Francisco voted on Prop. 8. David Latterman of Fall Line Analytics contributed to the article with a breakdown of how people voted by neighborhood.

But the strangest part was the small pocket in SoMa that voted overwhelmingly (85%) for Prop. 8. "65 percent of voters living in the few blocks around Bloomingdale's downtown - including posh condos inside the Four Seasons and St. Regis Hotel - voted to ban same-sex marriage," the reports.

This isn't to say that the heavy-wallet folks of San Francisco all voted yes on 8. Quite the contrary. Allegedly uber-conservative neighborhoods of St Francis Wood, Pacific Heights, Presidio Terrance tunred in mostly no votes.

One reason why this sliver of SoMa voted 'yes' could in in part due to the conservative businesspeople and few regular San Franciscans who live in the Four Seasons/St. Regis hood.