LAist Editor Zach Behrens was neither injured nor trapped under a pile of rubble during today's 7.8 earthquake simulation that hit Los Angeles, one of the largest earthquake drills to take place.

"This is like the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, but our equivalent of that event," said Lucy Jones, the chief scientist for this demonstration project, officially known as The Great Southern California Shakeout. (We hope to see the Bay Area has an even bigger one soon.)

In a strange twist, however, a minor earthquake struck Central California just 24 minutes after the largest earthquake drill in US history hit the Los Angeles region was only a small one. At 10:24 a.m., a 3.2 quake struck near San Juan Bautista, a city northwest of Monterey and Salinas. It was followed by a 1.7 aftershock six minutes later. So, you know, stay prepared, folk.

Update: Doh! It happened a few weeks ago.