Ah, yes. The go-see episode! Since the models are in Amsterdam, they would, of course, have to go on their go-sees via boat, and they weren't speedboats. Marjorie was nervous, and lost, and most of the people she asked for help with directions totally ignored her, which, can you blame them? A hunchbacked bundle of nerves asks you in a foreign language to help her, the instinct is to pour hot lead on her, right? Or are we remembering that story wrong? Anyway, showing up teary-eyed to her go-sees did not help with first impressions, and the two she made it to just told her to stand up straighter. Wha-wha.

Photoshoot! Tyra wielded the camera for a shoot that required the models to bare it all, face wise. One shot would be clean-face, the other would be made-up face. After the clean-face shot, Tyra decided Marjorie's hair felt "like fur." Fur is murder! Haircut for Marjorie!