Talking about violinists, Sarn Oliver plays one for the SF Symphony. We chatted with him a couple years back, when the musician union was re-negotiating their contract and threatened to cancel a high exposure trip to China if management did not treat them like the sixth of the Big Five orchestras. Sarn was a spokeperson of sort for the cause, if we recall well. Turns out he's also a composer, and his Fanfare for Orchestra will make its debut with the Symphony Parnassus Sunday at 3pm, again at Herbst theater. The Parnassus Symphony is led by Stephen Paulson, who chairs the bassoon section with the SF Symphony and teaches at the SF Conservatory. They'll also play a piano concerto from Amy Beach, an American composer at the turn of the 20th century, and the 5th symphony of Sibelius.

Picture: Anthony Marwood