These "key" propositions have been called, with no real surprises. (Although the proposition asking voters to rename of the San Francisco sewage treatment facility in honor of George W. Bush went down in flames.)

Proposition H (Renewable Electricity)
Yes: 86,859 (40.9%)
*No: 125,639 (59.1%)

Proposition K (Prostitution Decriminalization)

Yes: 89,833 (42.4%)
*No: 121,815 (57.6%)

Proposition R (George Bush Sewage Plant Renaming)

Yes: 63,879 (30.9%)
*No: 143,087 (69.1%)

Proposition V Junior R.O.T.C.

*Yes: 107,846 (53.2%)
No: 94,882 (46.8%)

For a complete list of how measures and propositions weighed with San Francisco, follow the jump or check or SFGate.