So where were you last night? We were going to go to a bar, but everywhere was so packed that we ended up at home with burritos when it was called. We didn't know what to say, but then others said it for us - windows on our street opened and people started screaming. So we joined them.

Two things stood out - the young couple jogging down the sidewalk after their toddler, who was chirping "Obama, Obama!" And a teenage poll worker, coming off a 16 hour day at John Muir Elementary, gripping his Polling Place ->100 Feet signs and skipping.

We headed to a party, then to the Castro, listening to horns honk, high-fiving strangers, and generally feeling giddy. We danced and cheered, booed the bigots, threw toilet paper and hugged, watched fireworks, yelled, and cried a little.

Where were you last night?

Photo credit: Flickr user davitydave from the SFist photostream, used under a Creative Commons license