This week on "America's Next Top Model" this girls flew to AmsterDAAAAAAM, which is in Europe, which means Marjorie and Elina's patented brand of European moodiness would fit right in, right? Once in Amsterdam, the models had to find their new house on their own, in teams of two, "Amazing Race"-style. Marjorie's being European did her no favors as she didn't seem to realize America dollars don't do much good in Holland. (Or here, for that matter. SNAP!) She and Analeigh came in second and celebrated with a naked romp in the hot tub with Elina.

For the first challenge, the girls had to sell themselves in the red light district. Well, unfortunately, not in the true red light district sense, instead selling some clothes from designers who want to turn red light brothels into design studios. Or something. They'd like to think it's quite different, but come on. It's not. Marjorie's freaky poses drew praise, but she did not win the challenge.

Photo shoot! It took place on boat. And that was the extent of the gimmick.