We reported on the Yes On 8 truck parade earlier today, but it turns out this protest, if you will, was much more heated and hateful than anticipated. SFist reader Laura, who snapped up this image at noon-ish on Market Street, tells us about her encounter with the anti-gay marriage SUV brigade.

These guys and several other cars are circling Market, yelling at pedestrians. They are jubilant with hatred, if you can picture that. Some of them are dancing up on top of their SUVs like rabid trained monkeys on the loose.

Me: What are you trying to prove in downtown San Francisco?
Them: Fuck you, DYKE! Fuck you faggots!

I am still shaking with anger.


Stay safe out there, No On 8-ers. Please.

Update: But, of course, we should point out, said paraders have the right to say what they want. God bless the First Amendment. And God bless America.