What is your favorite song to perform these days?
My favorite song to perform would probably be ‘Ballerina’ or un-named

What is the lamest crowd request?
Free Bird..every bloody show..like its funny at this point.

What is the most rock and roll moment you've had?
Hanging out with Joe Strummer at the Village Tavern a few months before he died. he was very nice and not drunk

What is your favorite band/ musician from the bay area?
Favorite musician from bay area would have to be Neil Young but I need a list of all of them cause I am sure there are many

Do you have any San Francisco stories?
I have had some of the funniest nights in San Fran at the Phoenix Hotel. I remember seeing Pete Doherty by the pool with his old band and he looked pretty trashed. luckily we avoided that storm. It was 6 years ago or so, so he was still looked pretty together. Our tour manager knew his tour manager and our 2 parties almost collided. Thank God I went to bed...

People should come see your show because?
People should come see the show because I think they will be surprised. Everyone loves to be surprised..no?

What music do you listen to that sounds nothing like yours?
Everything I love sounds nothing like me.