And it's not just individuals; four SF companies have have launched attacks on local families, too:
- Blackford Construction gave $200
- Visionary Electronics gave $99
- Large Format Computing gave $1500
- Malta and Co, located in the Richmond, gave $100 (and Elena Malta gave another $100)

Malta and Co already seems to be suffering a bit of Yelp-retribution for its anti-marriage stance. Of course, these people and companies might object to their donations being made the subject of scrutiny -- and we can certainly understand that. It must be simply awful to have strangers involving themselves in your private life. To have people you don't even know talking about your values and personal decisions -- why, that must feel simply .

Is this conversation sort of like how the Yes On 8 campaign threatened to publish the names of donors to marriage equality? Well, yes. Yes, it is. Thanks for the idea!

Disclosure: SFist_Matt is working on a stop-prop-8 project.