The road to recovery post Halloween should probably include a strong dose of Bay Area pride and a dash of Delaware’s finest. Half-handed Cloud (Oakland) and The Spinto Band (Wilmington) are playing Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night. Wear your costume (or what’s left of it), and let the pop help you recover. As extra enticement the guys from the Spinto Band answered a few questions for us. One thing we could all probably agree on in this election: saying yes to MC Hammer.

What is your favorite song to perform these days?
On stage? Well, as far as our songs Later On is a fave of mine, but we have been covering the song Brazil recently and that is a blast on stage.

What is the lamest crowd request?
We used to cover Tommy James and the Shondells' song I Think Were Alone Now, but we often times get people requesting that Tiffany cover we do. It's not a Tiffany song in our book.

What is the most rock and roll moment you've had?
Sitting in a car for 12 hours only to emerge and realize you don't know what state, time zone, or hemisphere you are in... That and signing a girl's boob.