By Jeremy Hatch

With the election just one week away, you can help defeat Proposition 8 by doing something you were probably just about to do anyway: buy porn. We got word from Violet Blue and her commenters that porn producers Comstock Films and Pink & White Productions are donating 100% of the proceeds from their sales to the campaign against Prop 8, for a limited time.

Comstock Films has become well-known for their unique productions, which feature "Real People, Real Life, Real Sex." Each film focuses on an actual couple: they discuss how they fell in love and their continuing life together in an interview which is intercut with clips from their lovemaking session. And love does make a difference: this is incredibly arousing stuff. (Both straight and queer couples are featured.) Sleazy publications like O Magazine (that's "O" for "Oprah"), Women's Health, Jane, Time Out New York, Esquire, and have given it props (press page here). The fundraiser is going right now, and will continue until midnight here tonight (3AM Eastern).

Inspired by the example of Comstock Films, Pink & White Productions is going to have a similar fundraiser from midnight, Wednesday Oct 29th through midnight on the 30th. If you buy a membership (at any level) to their Crash Pad Series during that time, 100% of your membership will be donated to the cause. The Crash Pad Series focuses on creating "porn that exposes the complexities of queer sexual desire" and "the authentic passion between two (or ) bodies." We're much less familiar with their work, but at a glance it looks like good stuff.

By which we mean, both arousing and progressive. Basically, this is the best campaign freebie ever: now you can get off in the name of equality! As Pink & White Productions says, "buying porn has never been so revolutionary."